Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's All True

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Here is a song from one of my all time favorite voices from the '90s, Ms. Tracey Thorn. It's hard to believe what a long and remarkable career she has accomplished already! After her first band, Marine Girls, broke up in 1983, she formed Everything But The Girl with now husband Ben Watt. The duo released eleven studio albums between 1984 and 1999, pioneering the fusion of folk, electronic music and pop creating the massive '90s hit "Missing" along the way. In 2001, she quit music so she can be a full time mom. She returned in 2007 with her first solo album Out Of The Woods, an acclaimed balance of beats and melodies. "It's All True" is a testament to her relentless brilliance! Forward to now and she has just released a near-flawless follow up called Love and It's Opposite. There are plenty of elegantly arranged songs that sound more intimate and powerful along with Tracey's still youthful voice. Although most of the songs are on the acoustic side with some beautiful piano and guitar melodies, they all have the potential to be remixed to create electronic havoc. I wouldn't be surprised if already by now there are a series of them remixed and posted on YouTube. The more electronic friendly song here is called "Why Does The Wind?" which is already a favorite among many others. I can't wait the hear the remix singles!

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