Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Take Me Higher

Here is a song by one of my favorite early Chicago house pioneers. Also known as Virgo Four, Eric Lewis and Martyn Sanders made some of the finest what was back then known as techno, but now it seems to have just ended up being categorised as deep house. This is a very special LP, calm but intense, with a pulsing beat that is commonly compared with Larry "Mr. Fingers" Heard but don't be fooled by this comparison because they were able to amaze us and created their own distinctive sound that enraptured us on the dance floors during the late 80's as well. Every song on this self titled LP could serve as footprints of the early acid house. These tracks were originally released as two EPs by the legendary Trax label under the names of Virgo Four and or M.E. (Martyn and Eric). This LP was only released over in the UK as a testament that they were the only ones embracing this sound before US caught on this new trend. These guys did very little after this seminal time in dance music except for a three tracker in 1992 as Ace and the Sandman. "Take me Higher" has been featured in a number of compilations and is a stand out in this LP simply because is the only song that is less aggressive on the beat department thus emanating a deeper side of "techno". Enjoy

Here is a very nice re-edit by Ray Mang

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