Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let Me Go!

What a lovely weekend! It's great to be in a city where no matter how long you've lived in it, you will always discover something new. That was the spirit of this weekend as I submitted to the wondering choices of a wonderful friend. To cap the weekend, my friend took me for the first time to "Bronx Beach" (Orchard Beach). It was amazingly beautiful and upon our arrival there was some outdoor deejaying by some Bronx locals (check photo below). Immediately, I recognized they were playing dance classics a la Bronx style. The music choices where spot on and this guy worked "Let Me Go" by Heaven 17 like I've never heard before. It was a great moment to watch a bunch of tough looking guys from the Bronx jam to this British dance/pop '80s classic from their 1982 timeless classic The Luxury Gap. The distinctive bass line and drum machine along with the dramatic lyrics sung by Glenn Gregory's moody vocals makes it brilliant! I couldn't believe my eyes! A beautiful gorgeous day and then hearing...."daytime, all I want is nighttime, I don't need the daytime, all I want is nighttime"...."I walked along and yet I never say goodbye, let me go (Let me go) A change of heart, a change of mind and heaven fell that night, let me go...." oh those lyrics. Fantastic!

Photo by: Coty Sewell

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