Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sea And The Sky

What a beautiful weekend it was indeed.  I spent some time at the beach yesterday and it was lovely. Therefore, I am inspired to post this song fittingly titled "The Sea And The Sky" by a great music production called Future Loop Foundation.  I'm loving this song such much and I'm reluctant to post it being that is such a fairly recent release.  Future Loop Foundation is the brainchild of Sheffield born, British DJ and record producer Mark Barrot.  He has released several albums since 1995 and many of his songs have been featured on some of the Cafe Del Mar compilations.  Most of his music has been on the ambient and/or drum and bass side with a touch of epic cinematic score.  Needless to say,  this music has had incredible dance potential.   Included here is a great remix by Padded Cell (aka Richard Sen and Neil Beatnik) and the original from their 2008 EP The Sea & The Sky.  The original is a beautiful and uplifting orchestral down tempo, where strings and brass collide with pounding drums.  I learned that this track was used as the main indent for Sky Movies last year, in TV promos for upcoming films.  This remix was also featured on their most recent Just Music EP called The Fading Room: Memories & Remixes.  This remix has an amazing driving house sound, cosmic space and bongos that would sound perfect at any disco .  Enjoy!

The Sea And The Sky (Padded Cell Remix) - Future Loop Foundation

The Sea and The Sky (Original Version) - Future Loop Foundation

The Fading Room - Memories & Remixes

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