Monday, September 13, 2010

Edits by Mr. K Vol. 2

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite DJs around, Mr. Danny Krivit  who's holding the torch by keeping the spirit alive at his now legendary 718 Sessions at Santos Party House.  His party is what I believe,  to be the only one that captures the spirit of dance music properly now days.  The set was flawless and it kept me dancing all night long featuring many classics such as James Brown's "Get On The Good Foot" and  Touch's "Without You" to name a few.  The party was a celebration of his release of Volume 2 of his amazing edits series called  Edits by Mr. K Vol. 2.  So here is one of my current favorite "Let Me Down Easy" by Rare Pleasure and what a pleasure it is to hear  and dance to this tune.  According the the liner notes from this must have fabulous CD,  "this song is a scarce 1976 release from Cheri Records and a song that has grown in stature to a full fledge disco bomb, thanks in part to its relentless piano line and honeyed vocal from a young Sandy Barber (who later recorded the house smash 'Make World Go Round') which brings back memories of Johnny Dynell dropping this one at the legendary mid '90s party, Jackie 60.   The piano riff of this song, a clear precursor to the standard groove of early house music that was sampled prominently by David Morales for his 1998 hit 'Needin' U' (which took it's title hook from the Chi-Lites 'My First Mistake'). Danny Krivit wrote: "This was a big club record.  I thought of it as an extension of the Philly sound.  It's one of the first 12" singles too, in that first year." Enjoy!

Make The World Go Round - Sandy Barber

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