Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today it has been a beautiful day in the city filled with early Autumn air  and culminating with an intense half moon.  This inspired me to post a a song by the iconic Kate Bush.  "Cloudbusting" is not necessarily a full fledged dance song per say; however, this song can be played on any dance floor and I can tell you that it would probably get the most jaded ones moving  and then some with such an epic of a song.  This song was the second single released from her no. 1 1985 album Hounds of Love.  This song is a look at a special relationship between a boy and his father.  It describes psychologist Wilhelm Reich's arrest and imprisonment through the eyes of his young song, Peter.  Reich's son later wrote his father's story in the book A Book Of Dreams, published in 1973, on which the song is based.  Wilhelm Reich is the inventor of the cloudbuster.  A cloudbuster is a rain machine that looks very much like the machine that is pictured on the cover of this single.  The music video is fantastic, it features Donald Sutherland playing the role of Wilhelm Reich and Bush playing the part of his young son, Peter.  It's divine! 

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