Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brand New

It's mid week madness and I have the need to feel "Brand New".  This is an incredible song that has been overlooked from this incredible album.  The native New Yorker, Melba Moore began her career as a member of the original cast of the musical Hair then landed two big screen film roles, released two successful albums including 1970's  I Got Love and Look What You're Doing to the Man  and had a successful variety television series in 1972.    It wasn't until 1975 when her career picked up after meeting  and marrying Charles Huggins and started recording again.  In 1975, Moore signed with Buddah Records and released the critically successful R&B album, Peach Melba, which included the minor hit, "I Am His Lady".  The following year, in 1976, Moore scored her first significant hit with the Van McCoy production and Grammy nominated LP, This Is It.  The title song became a huge hit on the dance floors along with the Curtis Mayfield cover of "Make Me Believe In You".   The whole LP is a disco classic but also the ballads such as "Lean on Me" are incredible here.   Ms. Moore has had a rocking career since then an a nasty divorce but this lady is tough and has had many comebacks with songs like "You Stepped Into My Life", "Love's Comin' At Ya", "Love Me Right" and "Read My Lips" to name a few.  Moore also returned to Broadway during the mid '90s landing a part in Les Miserables and in 2007 landed a role in the revival of Ain't Misbehavin'.  Ms. Moore is a born-again Christian.  This album is a must have to all of you disco aficionados and the cover is totally fierce!  Enjoy!

Brand New - Melba Moore - Buddah

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