Sunday, April 18, 2010

Space Disco

What a lovely weekend it was! We had good share of fresh cool air in our beloved city. It's so nice to have a proper Spring. Speaking of fresh, I realized that I haven't posted much of the "new disco" that has been released during the past five years. This "new disco" emerged around 2004 as a reaction to the overly saturated trance sound that was fast becoming excessively multi-layered, tiresome, over-caffeinated and repetitive in the club scene during that lackluster period of dance music. Enter Norwegian record producers, Prins Thomas and Han's-Peter Lindstrom. Their collaboration marked the beginning of what has been termed as "space disco", with influences from krautrock, psychedelia, progressive rock and a healthy dose of plenty of unknown cosmic disco breaks and influences from the mid to late 70's. It is safe to say that they have revolutionized, revised and revived the essence of dance music! So here I'm posting an early favorite and probably a classic from this amazing duo called "I Feel Space". A song that probably started this movement. The other posting is by a more recent release called "Nights Over Memphis (The Revenge Dub)" from one of my new favorite DJ/Producers, Craig Smith's brilliant new outfit called 6th Borough Project. It's brilliant and I will let the song speak for itself as this "new disco movement" has come full circle and it's here to stay as far as I'm concerned! Enjoy!

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