Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sade state of mind

OK I'm guilty! I did the sacrilegious by using an existing and beautifully arranged song and "mix-mashed "it with another! It's been a while since I haven't posted one of these so forgive me. It's a song by the iconic Sade whose new album "Soldier Of Love" is out now and it's brilliant. She took a 1o year hiatus and made an amazing come back with a new classic. It's a must listen so go buy it. Now back to this posting. "I Never Thought I See The Day" is from her late 80's LP Love Is Stronger Than Pride and is one of my favorite songs among the many from her expansive music library. This ballad is so open it's almost impossible not to envision the massive expanse of an ocean at sunset while listening. I decided to overlay it with an edit I made from Ron Basejam's "No Jose Part 1 (The Revenge Mix)". It's a brilliant start of a mix idea. I am planning on including this one on a mix that I am working on that I will post soon. It will be an ethereal mix with many of my favorites from then and now. Enjoy!

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