Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heart Be Still

Back to work! It's warm and the excitement it's in the air. It was also nice to walk the Williamsburg bridge today. Here is a track called "Heart Be Still" from Lee Garrett's 1976 LP Heat For The Feets. This is the only released solo record from Garrett. A wonderful release filled with sweet and powerful rhythm and blues ballads and spirited tunes that were extremely popular in the discos. Born in Mississippi, Lee is mostly known for co-writing the all time great "Sign, Sealed and Delivered I'm Yours". He was Stevie Wonder's writing partner for a time until they parted ways over credit disputes. "You Are My Everything" from this LP reached #15 in the UK charts and made him a one hit wonder with this song. I am intrigued with "Hear Be Still" arrangements and lyrics here. In 2007, Lee and Steve reunited and mended ways publicly by paying homage by singing a medley of songs they co-wrote together. Like Stevie Wonder, Garrett is also blind. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon and continues to perform in the United States. Enjoy!

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