Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Rain

Happy Friday! It's all about Spring Rain today. We had a nice refreshing healthy dose of rain. Nothing better to clear New York City air! Here is a song by one of my favorite Argentine pianist, composer and arranger Bebu Silvetti or just simply known as Silvetti. Born in Quilmes, located in the province of Buenos Aires. He lived in Spain and Mexico and later Miami during his last years of his life. Silvetti produced, arranged and composed for a wide variety of Latin and international artists such as Placido Domingo, Luis Miguel, Vicky Carr, Rocio Durcal, Paloma San Basil, Jose Luis Perales, Juan Gabriel and Ricardo Montaner. Pretty much the cream of the crop of Latin American performers. The 1977 instrumental disco hit "Spring Rain" from his LP The Sensuous Sound of Silvetti: Spring Rain is his most well known; however, his catalog of other songs is huge and nothing short of brilliant. A lot of his songs have been used in every Latin American beauty pageant and probably Miss Universe as well. In addition to the long disco version, I'm including, an amazing version I just discovered by Raul di Blasio. It sounds so fresh without being dated while keeping the integrity of the original. The arrangements of his songs are nothing but epic and orgasmic. Perfect for a spring rainy night. Enjoy!

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