Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We're Lost In Music

It's middle of the week and all I can think about is being lost in music. There is nothing better than to travel or escape with such wonderful medium. Especially during those hard long days when you feel like quiting your "9 to 5" and get "Lost In Music! Here is one of my favorite and classiest  LPs from of the more commercial side of disco. The 1979 platinum, We Are Family by none other than the fantastic Sister Sledge. Formed in 1972, these sisters arrived at the perfect time and made a huge mark on the disco scene. Kim, Debbie, Joni and Kathy Sledge are the granddaughters of the former opera singer Viola Williams. They used to perform under the name of 'Mrs. Williams' Grandchildren'.  Anyway, I'm loving the frantic message of "Lost In Music" and never get tire of listening. Here is an amazing rework by The Revenge. The way this remix anticipates the insanity, picks it up and then comes crashing on full blast makes one feels like a riding wave of disco hysteria; however, nothing can compare to the fabulously original "long version". Both are here for your enjoyment and entertainment so let's get lost in music now.

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