Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last week marked the 25th anniversary of the release debut of one of my favorite synth duo of all times the Pet Shop Boys.  Please became a sort of a blue print for their future releases that practically revolutionized dance music, more on that later since that in itself deserves another posting.  To commemorate this amazing release here is "Paninero". This song was the B-side of their single release of "Suburbia".  The song is about Italian youth culture known as the paninari derived from the word panino, Italian for sandwich, they were known for congregating in restaurants serving sandwiches and in the first US-style fast food restaurants, as well as their preference for designer clothing and 1980's pop music such as Duran Duran and Thompson Twins.  "Paninaro" is one of the few Pet Shop Boys songs that features Chris Lowe on vocals.  Neil Tennant, meanwhile, only sings the title repeatedly in intervals.  The main lyrical motif consists of eight words:
Passion and love and sex and money
Violence, religion, injustice and death

These words are repeated at the end of the song in a soliloquy to the singer's "lover".  In reference to the fashion of the paninari, references to prestigious Italian fashion designers are repeated.
Here is the original song and the fierce '95 Angel Moraes remix.  Both dance classics. Enjoy


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