Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dark Side Of House

It has been so hectic lately since I am in the midst of a theatre production with my other work leaving me depleted to post in here, so I will be brief.  However this has not stop me from listening to some fresh interesting haunting new House by this amazing Toronto duo aptly named Art Department comprised of house legend Kenny Glasgow in partnership with Jonny White.  Art Department made everyone listen with their debut in 2009 "Without You".  It was named record of the year by Groove Magazine in Germany and became top five for both Mixmag and DJ Magazine in the UK. "Without You" is a gem of a dance tune that truly enraptures the listener.  Their sound is inspired by early Chicago house and  early '90s reminding me  a little bit of the Murk sound and Robert Owens.  Yet these guys take on a darker mood with some simple synth stylings fused with a sincerity unheard of in dance music.  "The Drawing Board" is a dark and twisted musical journey that takes a while to get used to yet it haunts the listener into new house terrain.  An evident delivery of a pure syncopated dynamic soundscapes and dare I say simplicity in their format that seems to work.  This a must record for 2011 for those dance enthusiasts.  I highly recommend this to give a proper listen.  Right now I'm loving the twisted "ICU". Enjoy!

ICU - Art Department

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