Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'll House U

Here is  sublime remix of house anthem "I'll House You" by Jungle Brothers  re-worked here by British producer Leo Zero.  Earlier in 2010 he released an amazing mix of songs titled Disconnect: Leo Zero.  A must have collection of great songs!  There is so much chic and glamour put into this version. I'm loving it and I'm planning on featuring on an upcoming mix that's in the works. This song is usually not so difficult to remix since the Housapella version provides good material to lay over anything with great beats.  Here is one of Glamjack's own take on this emblematic song paying homage to the year 2000's trance/rave craze.  I'm throwing the original a little slowed down for good measure also. Enjoy!

I'll House U (Leo Zero's Re-Work) - Jungle Brothers

I'll House U (Glamjack 2000 Remix) - Jungle Brothers

I'll House You - Jungle Brothers

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