Sunday, May 8, 2011

Work For Love

Here is an amazing song that I probably haven't hear since the '80s, "Work For Love" by legendary band Ministry.  Al Jourgensen began Ministry in Chicago, Illinois in 1981.  The original line-up consisted  mainly of Jourgensen on vocals and guitar, Stephen George on drums , Robert Roberts and John Davis on keyboards.  The band's image would begin  to focus more on Jourgensen and Stephen George. Their original sound was essentially New Wave synthpop that was more melodic and stylized than the aggressive music for which they would become known for later.   Minstry released four 12" singles on Wax Trax! Records from 1981 to 1984 (anthologized on Twelve Inch Singles that featured the dance/Goth favorite "Everyday is Halloween". Their fist LP, With Sympathy, was issued on Arista Records in 1983.  According to my friend Wiki,  Jourgensen always felt pressured into making the album in the "synthpop" style by Arista management and he is ashamed to be associated with this project. With Sympathy was released as Work For Love under BMG in Europe with the same cover.  The cover  featured here was from  the 12" single release  of "Work For Love" with an amazing Dub version and Extended one.   This brought me back to the days of Xanthus in Baton Rouge and Chaps in New Orleans. Enjoy and remember..."you got to work for love".


  1. Always nice to find someone who remembers Xanthus! Loved that place; I felt a sense of belonging whenever I was there. Great blog, too!

    1. Thank you for your comments Robert. Indeed Xanthus was a great place, the music, the crowd...always sweet and friendly. I learned to appreciate and dance for the first time the "other" side of music there!