Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love On Love

We are having stunning weather this weekend so here is a great happy house song from the late '80s called "Love On Love" by E-Zee Posse featuring Dr. Mouthquake.  It was featured on Boy George's label More Protein and their first LP was called Closet Classics Volume 1 which includes some great tracks that by now sound more like a time capsule for that era of music.  E-Zee Posse had another club hit called "Everything Starts With an E" which was an ode to the drug Ecstasy,  the foundation of rave culture.  "Love On Love" was sort of a club anthem from 1989-1990 epitomizing this new "rave" generation in England.  It is a happy saccharine  tune with some cute piano/house samples that were popular at the time. Dr. Mouthquake is a guy called Derek Green who has worked on some of Pet Shop Boys records.  The original is more melodic and straight forward house and the Classic Piano mix features some rapping over house songs which was also very common to dance to at the clubs. Enjoy!

Love On Love - E-Zee Posse feat. Dr. Mouthquake

Love On Love (Classic Piano) - E-Zee Posse feat. Dr. Mouthquake

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