Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rebolledo: Pitaya Frenesi

Disco "cavernicolas" (cavemen) is how they like to describe themselves and their sound. Rebolledo is a DJ and producer from Xalapa, Veracruz and is a member of the Còmeme label.   Rebolledo started Djing in 2002 in Playa Del Carmen where he felt the need to create his own links between tracks he used to play in the club, he started developing his own rough and edgy rhythms.  It was there where he met Chilean born Matias Aguayo who actually deserves a future posting of his own on this blog, got interested in his material, helped him to develop it and to share it with people.  He also has done work with Daniel Maloso who had a similar taste or motivation ranging from techno to disco to house to '80s goth/dance, beat boxing, cumbia and other rarities.  Their sound is hard to dismiss and ground breaking with it's simplicity and crudeness.  The underground club hit "Pitaya Frenesi" featured here embodies that spirit.  Pitaya is a delicious fruit found in Mexico and Central America.  Also, his solo release of "Gerrero" is sublime and weird at the same time.  He is also is involved with the Pachanga Boys and Superpitcher on KOMPAKT.  Their videos are also great to watch.  I sense a new Latin American invasion and it will be Disco.  Pachanga!

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