Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Can

Happy Saturday! It has been quite a while since the last post.  Here is some good early '80s cheese by fabulous Swedish chanteuse Madleen Kane.  Ms. Kane was a former Elite fashion model from the ages 17 to 19 and was published on several Playboy magazine issues. She was discovered by J.C. Friederich who was owner of Boona Music productions and became a hot singing commodity with her debut released titled Rough Diamond in 1978 which took off like fire in the US and abroad.  She then released Cheri in 1979 solidifying her career as a Disco performer.  Cheri featured the dramatic disco number "Forbidden Love" with it's breakdown "Fire in My Heart" and Secret Love Affair" giving her another hit, which ran for over 15 minutes. The ballad "You and I", has become a wedding day favorite in Canada.     "You Can"  was the lead single from her 1981 LP titled  Don't Wanna Loose You which was produced by legendary Giorgio Moroder and has a "Flashdance-esque" flair.   Ms. Kane retired from the music business in the mid '80s.  In 1994, 12 Inches and More was her final release.   I'm loving the uplifting nature and cheese factor of "You Can".  Enjoy!

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