Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Love Is So True

Here is a delicious track that I have recently discovered by a band called Round Robin and Brimstone.  At almost ten minutes of pure bliss,  this soulful disco gem is from the 1980 private press album titled Round Robin and Brimstone.  Round Robin previously recorded as Round Robin Monopoly for Stax subsidiary label Truth.  On this recording, Round Robin is on vocals and percurssion with Raymond Cedars on drums, Tim Williams on guitar and background vocals.  This is a rare treasure of a record for crate diggers and 70's enthusiasts and I just learned that prices go extremely high for this LP.  Tracks include "You Can't Do It", "Our Love is So True", "Plenty God Lovin", "Love", "I wanna Live With You" and "One Night Affair".  I have only been able to get my hands on "Our Love Is So True" featured here and can't wait to hear the hole enchilada.  The soulful and modern soul feel of this song just keeps going and going and makes you move leaving you wanting for more.  Enjoy this rare treat!

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