Monday, August 16, 2010

Give It One/McArthur Park

Undeniable one of the most amazing 70's jazz fusion records I never get tired of listening by the incredible Maynard Ferguson.  M.F. Horn Two was released in 1972 as a big band jazz album.  It features cover versions of many songs that were popular in the years leading up it's production, including  : "Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes, "Country Road by James Taylor, "Mother" by John Lennon and many others.  Maynard's trumpet is brilliant throughout this LP.  It is one of most prized possessions and it always put me in the mood, specially during those rainy Monday blues.  During my research, I was surprised to found out that most jazz purists at the time were not too thrilled by his rendition of popular songs.    So here is a balance of both of the worlds Maynard dabbled with musically in hope to give it justice.  "Give It One" is one of his great originals and I happen to think that this is a great dance track. And also, here is his own rendition of "McArthur Park" which is truly a brilliant one full of surprises.  Enjoy

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