Sunday, August 8, 2010

Criminal World

Here is a song that I never seem to get out my mind.  It's hard to believe that this song is from 1977 with  lyrics and arrangements that sound so poignant and current. "Criminal World" is a song written by Duncan Browne, Peter Godwin and Sean Lyons of the band Metro from their debut self titled album in 1977.  David Bowie recorded it in 1983 for the album Let's Dance.  When first released it was banned from the Radio One play list for its "suggestive" lyrical content.  It is rumoured that the US military played it through a large PA system as a form of aural encouragement whilst trying to dislodge General Manuel Noriega from his office during their invasion of Panama in 1989.  "Criminal World" is not a disco or dance song per say but it has some great hooks and great melodies with some insane guitar solos.  

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