Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sapphire Scavenger

Here is a song from "Gothic rock" band from the early '80s, Gene Loves Jezebel.  Jezebel was founded by identical twin  brothers, Michael and Jay Aston.  For this release they were joined by the great guitarist,  James Stevenson  who later joined The Cult.  Also with a fabulous drum machine, these androgynous Welsh brothers made some great tunes that strangely evoked the dark side of 70's rock and disco.  During the mid 80's they were the darlings of college and alternative radio and achieved greater success when they slowly turned their attention to dance music.  "Sapphire Scavenger" is a song that I  never get tired of hearing even today.  The simple hooks with a steady pounding beat makes think of D.C. LaRue's "Cathedrals" but with slower beats per minutes (BPR).  This song was featured on their LP Discover and also on the  B side of the 12" dance release of  their monster hit "Desire" which I happen own and love as well but not as much as this rare piece of '80s dance rock jewel of a song. Enjoy


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