Monday, August 23, 2010

Love or Las Vegas

I'm off for vacation to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon so I will leave you with a mix that has inspired me for this trip.  You wont hear Elvis, Sinatra or Liberace on this one.  Nothing against them since I love them all; however,  I wanted to create an off beat feeling for this mix that would create a sort of sound scape that would capture an unexpected feeling of what I perceive to be the spirit of Sin City with its visceral and majestic nature that surrounds it.   I have never visited that area of the country so I am looking forward to that experience.  I am planning on doing a part two of this mix upon my return to see how my perception changes.  Enjoy

Track Listing:

 1.  Intro - Europe Endless - Kraftwerk
 2.  Go 'Way From My Window - Marlene Deitrich
 3.  Canadian Sunset - Lawrence Welk
 4.  We're Almost There - Michael Jackson
 5.  Fill My Life With Love - Saint Tropez
 6.  Space Bass - Slick
 7.  The Potatoe Fields - Bronski Beat/Marc Almond
 8.  Theme From Valley Of The Dolls (Junior's 7" Mix) -
      Katherine Dawn Lang
 9.  African Hustle - Mombasa
10.  Disco Africa - Ogyatanaa Show Band
11.  Angelitos Negros - Roberta Flack
12.  Sun King - The Beatles
13.  Cirandar - Seu Jorge and Almaz
14.  I've Got To Live - James Curd
15.  Driving Away From Home (Dead Men's Curve Version) -
       It's Immaterial
16.  Song For The Silent Age - Philip Glass
17.  Opening: Glassworks - Philip Glass
18.  Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix) -
       The Chemical Brothers

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