Monday, June 14, 2010

We're Getting Stronger

Here is a great uplifting song to start the week. "We're Getting Stronger", from the 1976 LP Loleatta by her royal disco highness Loleatta Holloway. This album was a turning point in her career as she makes the move from dreamy southern soul diva to club queen of the late '70s! Norman Harris produced this disco classic with a souring Philly disco sound that proves to be just as great for Loleatta's soulful vocals as the stripped down southern modes of earlier albums. Gone are the sad tears of earlier weepies, and in their place is a strong sense of joy and power. Loleatta's very positive, very progressive, and very dedicated to standing her own ground! How you dern! It includes the epic disco classic "Hit & Run", plus "Dreamin", "Ripped Off", and versions of "That's How Heartaches Are Made" and Curtis Mayfield's "What Now". "We're Getting Stronger" is simply a fantastic song that I find uplifting for those Monday blues. Enjoy!

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