Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Générique B.M. II

It's the first day of June, it feels like summer already and I hope everyone had a great long weekend. To start the month here is a song called "Generique B.M. II" from one of my favorite French disco legends Cerrone. This is a song from a French movie called Brigade mondaine 2 - La secte de marrakech about a crime squad that follows a track that leads to a Morrocan drug and prostitution ring. They end up involved into an international school to form a mercenary army for non democratic governments. I haven't seen the film but I would love to watch it.  Cerrone is a true Disco legend, born Jean-Marc Cerrone in Vitry-sur-Seine near Paris (a place I visited on my last trip to France), and started playing drums at the age of twelve. Cerrone's first recordings were as a part of Kongas in collaboration with another disco legend Alec R. Constandinos. He has since released countless disco classics such as "Supernature", "Love In C Minor" and "Give Me Love" just to name a few. A great number of his record cover art featured lots of naked bodies and were banned in America and were replaced with more tamer ones. Cerrone's sound is known for intense pulsating drums, lush orchestration, seductive electronic instrumentation or what should be called "audio" erotica. The "Cerrone" sound is still considered a blue print for deejays around the world and his music still sounds as fresh and innovative as back then.  "Generique B.M. II" is more sedate song compared to most of his music but manages to generate the seductive and erotic sound that he is famous for giving us. Enjoy!

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