Friday, June 11, 2010

Hopscotch has been quite a week of work and it has left me with very little time for posting; so here I am with a song that has been on my mind for this whole week. "Hopscotch" by the great Gwen Guthrie. This woman had the midas touch when it came to the flawless production of her music. This song was the product of dub legends Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare and of course mixes by the legendary Larry Levan. It's a track that instantly gets to you with the amazing pulsating bassline and the overall dub feel of this track that never fails to amaze. I am also curious with the lyrics of this song and how it works phonetically with the beats. Also, for further listening, here is the flawless instrumental remix version also done by Larry Levan from the amazing LP titled Padlock . A recording of some of her best remixes. Enjoy

Hopscotch (Instrumental Mix) - Gwen Guthrie

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