Saturday, June 5, 2010


I has been almost a week without a post and I'm glad to be back sharing some music with you. Here is an amazing song by Greg Diamond Bionic Boogie's second album Hot Butterfly, "Chains". This album released in 1978, has been studied by disco enthusiasts around the world for it's quirky yet interesting song writing accompanied by some fascinating lush arrangements and performed by an incredibly talented rooster of singers. "Chains" sums up the spirit of this great disco record with a driving, rock-tinged beat layered with unison singing by the four excellent voices that made this such a classic record composed by late great Luther Vandross, Cissy Houston, Zachary Sanders and David Lasley. Diamond was a pianist, drummer, songwriter, producer and wrote the classic song "Hot Butterfly" which is included in this album with Luther Vandross on vocals. The song was later covered by David Lasley and Chaka Khan. His other popular songs included "Risky Changes", "Dance Little Dreamer", "Cream (Always Rises to the Top", "Starcruisin'", "Fancy Dancer" and "Tiger, Tiger". Diamond's association with Vandross came from the success of David Bowie's Young Americans album, which both Vandross and Diamond's contributed towards. His biggest commercial success was as a writer and producer of one the first disco records I bought, "More, More, More" recorded by The Andrea True Connection in 1975. Sadly, Diamond passed away in 1999 at the early age of 49. Diamond was as rare disco "jewel" that will never be forgotten.

P.S. I am loving the cover art here!

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  1. loved this one and LOVE the album cover.