Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 80s Remix: A Novel

Here are two brilliant songs from the '80s I have been listening lately. Both songs are not the original versions but rather interesting remixes. First song is "Out Of Touch (Dub Version)" by Hall & Oates and the second song is "Flesh For Fantasy" (Below The Belt Mix) by Billy Idol. Both of the original songs are great; however, here we are on to another journey. Both songs are perfect examples of a trend in remixing popular during the '80s. In other to expand the appeal of the 12" single release and rather than tailor them only for DJs or strictly for dancing, these remixes instead were impeccably produced by the likes of electronic geniuses such as Trevor Horn and The Latin Rascals to name a few. They were uniquely long and told stories that took listeners through long instrumental journeys at the beginning of tracks until the climax is reached (around the half way mark of the songs). After the climax, the original or alternate full vocal version of the track takes over from that point on to the end making the "long version". Just like a novel with it's starting rising action "build up", then climax, then the original LP version until the fade out in the end. So enjoy both musical journeys or shall I say novels!

1 comment:

  1. Out of touch mix - fab

    I did not care for the Flesh for fantasy. I remember that video though...loved it!