Saturday, January 9, 2016

Do It Now: First week of 2016

Happy weekend! I'm so feeling this tune tonight! Hard to believe this is already 16 years ago! Pre-9/11, I vividly recalled just moved into Willamsburg living very simple, freelancing as an artist and this just filled me well. San Francisco's own Dubtribe Sound System had some amazing tunes that were hard to resist during that wonderful time when deep house was at its peak from 1996-2001.  Their Body & Soul classic of "Equatorial" is nothing short of  genius on the dance floor.  However, "Do It Now" has  managed to be their quintessential classic.  The song merges well the beauty and fantasy of house and disco all wrapped into one while evoking classics such as  Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman" and Frankie Knuckles  late '80s house anthem "Tears". This 13 minute song along with  creators Sunshine Jones & Moombean Jones on vocals is nothing short sweet. Enjoy!

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