Saturday, April 2, 2016

April '16 Mix

Here is the April'16 Mix. Spring is here.  Lately with the spirit of renewal in the air, I have been re-vamping some tracks from 2004-2006 from the Glamjack/CD "vaults".  Minor edits here and there and I'm quite surprised how well they hold up on their own considering those tracks I feel are more amateurish in nature and shall I say,  primitively conceived by mixing separate wave file loops created live from vinyl sources and overlapping them making second and even third generation recordings. All of this was recorded from an exterior microphone before USB technology! The end results created a distinctive Glamjack sound which I feel needed an open and acquired taste at times, lol.  I have been releasing some of those tracks individually on Disco Monk Soundcloud's  if you want further listening of these tracks. Also, there are myriad of other tracks to spice things up with the latest from Pet Shop Boys's brilliant new release of "Super" and an awesome remix I recently discovered while listening to Beats in Space podcast from DJ Paramida from Sharif Laffrey who made an incredible twist from the break of Pet Shop Boys "Always on my mind/In my House" remix. It's great to see young people embracing this sound again. Enjoy!

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