Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Disco Monk!

It has been six years since I started this blog dedicated to dance music and everything else in between.  It has brought me nothing but joy to share my passion for dance music and the real nocturnal and communal world of dance. Thank you for following Disco Monk. I sincerely wish I could post more often but life somehow creeps up on you  by not giving me the proper time for this baby as much as I would like to; however, as the saying goes "it is not about quantity but quality". My monk like devotion always shine just like the mirror balls of the disco halls. 

Here is a picture of NYC's Sound Factory which was the first proper introduction to a real dance shrine where dance music brought joy and magic. What can I say. It was church! I know there were other amazing places that preceded this one but to me this holds a wonderful special place in my heart being the first exposure to the nocturnal world of the dance community in this amazing city. 

So to celebrate the birthday of this blog, here is David Joseph's fabulous 1983 dance classic "You Can't Hide (Your Love) Larry Levan Mix". This track brilliantly bridges disco and house, specially the ending section! Enjoy and here is to many more years of Disco Monk!


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