Friday, March 18, 2016

Moody's Mystery Mix

Today I am featuring this amazing mix by Moody. I was quite flattered to hear that he reached out to me with praise and inspiration for this blog and my featured mixes as well.  So here it is for your enjoyment and I will let you describe it in his own words:

"Here I have created a mix composed of different styles and genres to take the listener on a musical journey. "It can be a challenge to put together a mix that is eclectic with out it being all over the place but here I have tried to keep it together by keeping the rhythm constant. 
I have opted for a slow tempo throughout as I like the feeling of space achieved by this, giving a dubby effect, space can be the musician's greatest asset, this seems to be overlooked by a lot of today's djs/producers as they try and cram in as many sounds and effects as possible into their mixes and tracks, often resulting in a crowded, muddied track/mix, leaving the listener fatigued.
Dance music doesn't have to be electronic, great as this style is, there are so many different genres that get people up and on the floor. Here in this mix, I have included genres diverse such as Blues, Country, Reggae, Disco as well as a smattering of good old House and Techno. What makes people dance has been the same elements within music since time begun,  rhythm. It really is mainly down to the beat, if a tune has a solid beat, then that is what people are going to pick up upon. 

So whilst dipping toes in many styles, the beat remains a solid, constant, this is my musical secret, it is the rhythm that drives this mix, like all music, you can strip away all the fancy effects and loops but it is always and always has been the beat that makes people dance.

As for track choice, I have tried to demonstrate  my versatility as a selector. I could of banged out  90 minutes of House but where would the fun be in that? I like to keep people guessing, to surprise the listener with tunes you would never have thought of being on a mix. It has taken me a good while to piece this effort together as I like to try and be original with my choices. I listen to a lot of music every day, having been a professional DJ for many years, playing bars and clubs as well as promoting nights, I have over time been exposed to many different genres which have broadened my tastes hugely over the years. I also try and include tracks that I have not heard on other DJs mixes, due to the sheer volume of mixes out there, you can imagine this is no easy task.

So here it is, a truly eclectic effort, joining the dots across the board whilst keeping the rhythm flowing.  Sit back and enjoy this somewhat slow-mo, spacey, dubby and cosmic mix. Listen out for tracks from the likes of Howling Wolf, Soft Rocks, Peter Tosh, JJ Cale and many, many more......
With love, 


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