Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feliz Disco De Mayo!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Here is a disco classic to elevate you this festive Saturday!  The Mexican by Bombers is a cover of Babe Ruth's "The Mexican".   Nothing can beat the beauty and rawness of the original but I must say the Bombers did quite amazing here elevating it to a even higher Disco strata.  Bombers was a disco outfit under the famous West End Records label that started shaking things up on the dance floors around 1978 with their dance and funk classics such as "Don't Stop The Music" and "Dance, Dance, Dance". My all time favorite is "Shake" from their follow up  Bombers II LP.  In celebration of the great nation of Mexico here are the original Mexican, the mix original and B-Boy anthem and of course Bomber's version for your enjoyment!....Disfrutalos!

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