Friday, May 11, 2012

Cancion Ritual

Atencion! Atencion!  Extremely rare disco here and extremely hard to find!  "Cancion Ritual" is by a Mexican disco band called Hot Pepper.  Very little is known about these guys except that they released this record called Spanglish Movement in 1978.  The LP consist of four songs with names like "Deja Que El Mundo Sea Feliz Otra Vez ( Let The World Be Happy Again)", "Camino Equivocado (Wrong Way), No Me Precionse (Don't Push Me)" and "Ritual Song".  As soon as I heard this song, I did an extensive Internet search and all I could find was two e-bay postings selling the record for $100 and an edit done on this amazing blog named Estropical.  The edit is a bit faster than the original but other than that is quite nice and clean.   I also found the original version U Tube. It is rough sounding but don't mind after hearing this sublime piece of disco exotica with its pulsing drums and strange vocals.  I would love to get my hands on the full LP and believe me I got my eyes on this as soon I hit the crates.  By the way, I'm also loving the cover.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting the Hot Pepper edit - I lost my copy in a hard drive crash and it is no longer available at the Estropical blog - good news, the album is getting a reissue:

    It doesn't say what label is reissuing it but we should hear soon as it has a September 19th release date! I am just so excited at the thought of finally hearing it - the Estropical guys said they edited out two guitar sections and I am all about the wailing guitars over a 4/4 tropical disco beat!

    1. Thank you so much for the info on the re-issue. I cannot wait to hear it as well. This is one of my favorite rare disco ever!