Sunday, May 13, 2012

Disco Photography: Remembering Empire Roller Skating Center

Cher rolling skating at Empire roller rink in Brooklyn

Here is a homage to the worlds first roller skating rink that started the Disco rolling skating movement. Empire Roller Skating Center located in Crown Heights.    I was lucky to go there a couple of times before the unfortunate closure in 2007.  Although it was during the day when I visited while chaperoning Middle School students during Summer Camp, the spirit of disco and skaters was still there.  Legends such as Cher used to be a regular there.  To find out more, New York Times did an amazing article on the history of the 66 year old famous roller rink.   Here is a great video from 1978 of Bill Butler Quad capturing that amazing spirit to the music of Roundtree's "Get On Up (Get On Down)  . Enjoy!

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