Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talking Jungle

So far, here is my favorite song of 2012 and I am thrilled to own the vinyl release of Justing Vandervolgen's amazing treatment of Soft Rocks "Talking Jungle" which will be released as part of ESP's upcoming remix of their critically acclaimed and first full LP titled The Curse of Soft Rocks. Soft Rocks is a disco collective from Brighton that started during the mid aughts and have released some amazing edits of rare '70s disco on their Disco Power Play series.  Late last year they released their first LP blending the worlds of dub and ambient new age with some '80s inspired soulful grooves and oddities delivering some of the most intriguing nu disco sounds out there.   Justin Van Der Volgen on the other hand is an American Dj and remixer who has been making some deliciously sounding  disco and dance music for the last thirteen years. He was the founding father of the band Outhud and has been credited for creating some of the early 2000 sound of NY dance music.  He is also known for making a sublime remix of Maserati's "Inventions".  His remix here of "Talking Jungle" has taken the original song to a whole new level heightening the soulful aspects, adding some loopy strings and  pulsating a 4 on the floor kick thus elevating the song to disco classic terrain. The references on the song are simply brilliant!  Also, on the other side of this amazing release is   Tiago's remix of "Obo" which is pure meditative bliss.  Both songs complement each other really well and I know and hope this will be played a lot this upcoming summer and years to come!  Enjoy!  

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