Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Won't Lay Back

Happy Fat Tuesday..."laizzes les bons temps rouler".  Wishing you all a very happy Mardi Gras to everyone specially to my family and friends in the South!  These last few days I have been traveling and commuting with nature. I feel recharged and glad to be back in our beloved city.  Here is some new retro sounding slamming house that has nothing to do with Mardi Gras from Tevo Howard and Rick Poppa Howard.  This is a fierce father and son collaboration titled "I Won't Lay Back".  Tevo Howard grew up in Chicago and started spinning records when he was a mere teenager in 1987.  In 2008 he created his own label Beautiful Granville and has been delivering some amazing dance floor jacking Chicago house.  Previously, he released "About Fourteen" and "Do What You Have To Do" featuring his father on vocals.  Tevo has already an extensive library of releases and has worked with Tracey Thorn and Prins Thomas.  This is second release together with his father and I must say that they even go deeper and much rawer with great depth and musicality this time around.  This EP release features a great instrumental version, original and an brilliant remix of "About Fourteen".  I wonder if that was the age when he was introduced to house music? Anyhow these songs are redefining the glory days of late '80s house and carrying the torch of house music by keeping it strong, alive and well lit.  I hear he is working on a full LP that is scheduled to be released this year.  I'm featuring the Underground Vocal Mix here for your enjoyment.

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