Tuesday, February 28, 2012

El Fen

Here is a fabulous North African disco song that has become sort of the holy grail for disco enthusiast.  "El Fen" is one of the most sought after arabic disco records since this 12" was only issued in very limited quantities on the Stip records label from France in 1976.  Ait Meslayene was a traditional singer from from Kabyle, Algeria. He moved to Paris and was influenced to make a "disco" record which was the trend at the time.  I was informed the drummer of this song is an American from the funk group Ice and was hired to play during the recording of this masterpiece.  The original recording pressing of this LP goes for 500 Euros. Ouch!  I was lucky to get my hands of this re-release for only $13 at Academy records.  By the way, the other song "Yemma" is beautiful and I'm planning on including it on the upcoming Glamjack mix coming to you soon.  In the meantime enjoy "El Fen"!

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