Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Best Of Disco Demands

This is a fabulous collection of rare disco from the '70s titled Disco Demands with a total of 45 offerings compiled and re-edited by legendary Scottish DJ Al Kent.  This might be new music as far as I'm concerned except maybe for the serious connoisseur and to tell you the truth, I was only familiar with maybe two or three tracks out of the myriad of amazing thumping disco treasures that make up this comprehensive time capsule.  Al Kent has been releasing music on BBE and his own Million Dollar Disco label and released work as Million Dollar Orchestra and has organized many legendary parties for the past decade.  With so many recent disco edits popping out right and left these days, this one here is a must have for all of you disciples of disco.  The edits here a very subtle with perhaps an extension of a intro or the cutting a bridge shorter here and there.   These tracks are pure joy with grooves destined to transform any party into a dance floor or better yet, on an actual dance venue a few tracks have definitely classic potential.  There are way too many stand out cuts to mention here but I must say that Alex And His Soul Messenger's "Hail To Guyana" is pure raw cosmic funk disco rapture.  Also, "Disco Boogie Woman" by the Universal Robot Band could easily be a classic already.  Other stand outs are "Just Friends" by Silver, Platinum and Gold.  I could go on and on about this brilliant tapestry of disco exotica but instead I will just encourage you to purchase this.  The digital format is worth the price for all the songs you'll meet on this fantastic compilation.  Here are the Universal Robot Band and Alex And His Soul Messengers giving to it you rare. Enjoy!

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