Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking From A Hilltop

Here is a song that I haven't heard since 1985.  "Looking From A Hilltop" is undeniable one of my top 5 dance classic songs from the '80s.  Whenever I would hear this song which was usually mixed at the discos right after  Kraftwerk's "Music Nonstop", I would melt and become one with the song.  According to my friend Wikipedia, Section 25 was considered a post punk band when it formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1977 by  brothers Larry Cassidy (bass, vocals) and Vicent Cassidy (drums).  They were signed by Factory Records and initially produced by Ian Curtis and  Rob Gretton of Joy Division with their debut LP Always Now.   In 1983, joined by percussionist Lee Shallcorss, they gradually evolved a more electronic-dance direction, a process that culminated in the album From The Hip and the single featured here, released in 1984 and produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order featuring Angela Flowers  aka Angela Cassidy (vocals, keyboards) and Jenny Ross (vocals, keyboards).  Making this single their most popular song. They continued to record in 1988 with Love & Hate, then made a come back in 2007 with Part-Primitiv,  in 2009 with Nature + Degree and  in 2010 with Retrofit which featured some great remixes of their early work.   Sadly, Jenny Ross passed away in 2004 and recently founder member Larry Cassidy also passed away in  February of this year.  I truly enjoy listening and dancing to their music. There are several great mixes for this song around, however the Megamix version serves it right. Enjoy!

From the Hip

Check out the video of Version 2 here. It features one the first cell phones. It was gigantic! Love It!

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