Monday, October 11, 2010

Love So Special

Last night I went to Body & Soul held at Webster Hall and it was incredible.  Legendary trio Joaquin "Joe" Clausell, Francois K and Danny Krivit turned it out by playing a well balanced set filled with amazing classics.  The sound system was top notch this time and it literally blew my mind. The crowd was beautiful and positive. The song that kick started me was Mission Control's "Outta Limit". I haven't heard this song on a big sound system in ages and it was an incredible experience.  Other highlights were Sharon Brown's fierce "I Specialize In Love" and Ceybil's "Love So Special" featured here.   "Love So Special" is one of those passionate, timeless, and fluid house songs that always brings the house down and last night was no exception.  My body was sore from dancing by the end of the night but it was so worth it and "oohhh so special".  Enjoy!

Love So Special (Extended Original Underground Mix) - Ceybil - Atlantic

Love So Special (Tony's Funky Bass Mix) - Ceybil - Atlantic

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