Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soul Dracula

Here is a song that I have been wanting to post since starting this blog but rather waited and deemed more appropriate to post around this time of the year even though I feel this song could probably do well anytime of the year.  "Soul Dracula" by Hot Blood was officially released in the US in December of 1975 and was extremely popular at the Discos as a French import first.  Hot Blood was actually a German disco production that featured many notable Munich session players such as Keith Forsey, Gary Unwin and Pepe Solera.  This was a very mysterious release that made a huge impact around dancers and DJs during that time.  The production was superb and rather unique full of lush electronic effects.  Specially the chorus part with the bongo section added making this song a disco and kitsch classic.  This was released as a single but was featured in their full length LP appropriately titled Disco Dracula in 1977 which also included the singles, "Sex Me" and "Terror On The Dancefloor".   This a great song and the entire LP is a must have if wanting  to kick start the spirit of Halloween on the disco dance floor.  Enjoy

Soul Dracula - Hot Blood Era

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