Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wow! it seems like I have been listening to a lot of disco instrumentals lately! This is another rare song from early 1976. I have been reading about how during that year disco had arrived and the DJ's where already finding imports that were hard to find and delicious to hear on the dance floors. This a song called "Wow" by a Canadian musician/composer by the name of Andre Gagnon. During the mid 70's he shifted from classical music and made and LP called Nieges, most of the other songs in the album are on the easy listening side but arranged beautiful. He also later released the disco classic "Surprise" and after listening to both of them I said Wow! So my dear readers, I'm going for a weekend retreat to the Catskill mountains so I wont be able to post over the weekend until Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend and Enjoy!

Wow - Andre Gagnon

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