Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Haunting Song

I am haunted by this new discovery of a song from Cy Coleman's 1976 LP "The Party's On Me" named Chloe. Cy Coleman was a virtuoso pianist and composer working mainly in theater among his many compositions he penned for the likes of Sinatra, Bennett and Streisand. This is an old standard classic song with a disco flavor. Filled with heavy and fast percussion (140 BPM) the song starts with a ghost like voice calling Chloe's name. Who is Chloe? Nevertheless, the beats on this song are amazing! and when the piano overwhelms the beat is fantastic making the song exotic and fabulous. This sounds almost like House Music to me. I only know if this song in the whole record but it's high on my list of vinyl must finds. Enjoy!

Chloe - Cy Coleman

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