Saturday, February 27, 2010

After Midnight

A beautiful post snow storm day in the city! The snow melts and I am thinking tropical. This is "After Midnight" from Sergio Mendes and Brazil 77 early 70s great album Pais Tropical. Sergio and crew serves Brazilian bossa grooves and elevate them into more soulful territory with an LA studio feel. Can this be described as Bossa and Afro Funk? This is my favorite song on the LP, specially the break; and the rest of the album with tracks like "Zanzibar", "So Many People", Morro Velho to name a few, are amazing! I purchased this album a while ago rummaging through dusty vinyl bins around the neighborhood junk stores. I just found out that this LP is hard find and its out of print. Enjoy


  1. Love this track Jack!
    Keep 'm coming.


  2. I'm glad you love it! I will try my best to deliver the goods!

  3. "After Midnight" is an original by JJ Cale and comes in the album "Naturally", released in 1971. Totally recommended.


    Thank you for sharing all this hard to find great music. It's always rewarding coming back here. Cheers.