Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The Martyr Mantras" - A 90's Classic of Magnetic Proportions

The Martyr Mantras is truly an amazing record.. Released in 1990, I remember listening to this LP on cassette to death and it became a soundtrack to my life back then. I have revisited "Generation of Love" recently after finding it on vinyl at Junk and loved the remixes but for some reason I lost that cassette of the whole LP, yes a cassette! and had forgotten how brilliant it is a whole. In his third solo effort, Boy George was at his best reinventing himself less as a pop star as he welcomed the 90's  as a cautionary post hedonistic era. It is such a  such a time capsule now! All the songs have a life of their own in this one. "I Specialize In Loneliness" is as beautiful as his voice gets. The other songs such as "After The Love", "Love Hurts", "Too Much Love" are odes to sugary house and disco. "Love's Gonna Let You Down" stands on its own with the Boy doing Smokey Robinson stylings with amazing results. "Siempre Te Amare" is cute and of course the beautiful "Bow Down Mister" and the political infused protest song "No Clause" as well. This is a great LP and needs a new listen and to be revisited. Lush, soulful, well textured sounds without being too cliche. I am loving this rediscovery!

Generations of Love (Totally Outed Mix) - Boy George

Love's Gonna Let You Down (Popcorn Mix) - Boy George

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