Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Disco Files 1973-78

Happy Valentines Day! Enough said, so back to disco. I'm reading The Disco Files 1973-78 by Vince Aletti and it is the bible of Disco. I am in a decipher mode with this book based on his weekly columns he wrote for the Village Voice from 1973-1978. He was the first voice to write of this genre of music and actually he is credited with having coined the word for this "dance floor spirited music" as Disco. This book is so precise and informative and lot of the songs named in this book never saw the light outside of disco dance floor. I'm diligent about finding some of this rare gems and here is one that I love by a Canadian group called Basic Black & Pearl called "There'll Come A Time, There'll Come A Day".


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