Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saschienne: Unknown

I'm simply loving this "romantic techno" sound by German couple Saschienne.  One of Germany's great Techno producers, Sascha Funce together with his wife, the multi-instrumentalist and singer Julianne Desagnne have delivered a record rich in beauty with intricate melodies that harmonize very well with classic instrumentation combined with a simple driving techno sound giving us a uniquely human feel to all the songs from this brilliant record .  Released on German's premier record label, Kompakt in May of this year, this couple are exploring the discord that a great love can bring along with the harmony and bliss reflected clearly on the whole LP.  The visceral title song "Unknown" brings chills upon hearing Julianne's voice "This unknown...keep us together, bring us closer" with such an open attitude that can help the listener to dig deeper into this "unknown".  Here is the title song for your listening pleasure along with amazing "Cache".  I'm singling out this record as the best of 2012! Enjoy!

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