Saturday, August 4, 2012

Put Your Feet To The Beat

Here is a great disco stomper to put you in the mood this hot Saturday summer day by the amazing Ritchie Family.  "Put Your Feet To The Beat" was released on Casablanca Records as the single from their 1979 LP Bad Reputation.  The song marks a new direction from their previous releases as the group abandoned their exotic and kitsch costumes of their earlier incarnations in favor of a more contemporary, sexually provocative style.  The line up by that time has been replaced and consisted of Jacqui Smith-Lee, Theodisia "Dodie" Draher and Ednah Holt. The group was the brainchild the late Jacques Morali who also formed the Village People.  They were never actually sisters and the original line up consisted of four singers Jean Davis, Cassandra Wooten, Gwen Oliver and Nadine Felder. Their first hit single was a rework of the 1930's song "Brazil" in 1975.  The following year they released the concept album Arabian Nights, and it was the single "The Best Disco In Town" that took them into stardom and became a worldwide hit.  The song was essentially a medley of recent disco songs linked together with an original chorus.  Their follow up albums Life Is Music and African Queens were all concept albums featuring songs of a similar theme as suggested by each album title featuring medleys usually running from 15 to 20 minutes.  This one here has more of a Euro-pop disco feel. Enjoy!

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